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Pro-Hex is Prohexadione-Calcium a plant growth regulator for cereal crops

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A unique, straight prohexadione-calcium formulation allowing flexibility to tailor PGR programmes.

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A straight prohexadione-calcium product

The only straight prohexadione-calcium product available in the UK, specifically developed for cereals.

Can be co-applied in bespoke ratios with other PGRs, enabling applications to be tailored to both crop requirement and conditions of the season

  • Gram for gram, prohexadione is the most active PGR on the market
  • Provides activity across all major PGR timings
  • Excellent tank mix compatibility
  • Approved for use in Oats

Effective in a range of climatic conditions

  • Prohexadione is active in temperature ranges of 8°– 20°, making it an ideal product for early timings
  • Unlike other PGRs which require conversion to the biologically active form within the plant Prohexadione is already active by the time the applied spray has dried onto the crop foliage
Crop Safety Mixing Partners

Excellent crop safety

  • Safe to apply in a broad range of climatic conditions
  • Produces more uniform crop height without a ‘wave’ effect
  • Very kind to the crop unlike other PGR materials

Mixing Partners

Chemically and Biologically – chlormequat is an excellent mixing partner for Prohex

Chlormequat chloride has a complimentary mode of action which supports prohexadione. Prohexadione-calcium is not active as a PGR – it requires conversion into the active prohexadione acid form. Chlormequat chloride acidifies the spray solution, aiding the conversion of prohexadione-calcium from the inactive calcium salt to the active acid form.

Mode of Action:

Inhibition of Late-Stage Gibberellin Synthesis


Usage Approval

Approved for use in Winter and Spring Wheat, Winter and Spring Barley, Winter and Spring Oats, Winter and Spring Spelt, Triticale and Rye.

Flexible Timing of Application

Flexible Timing of Application
A field of oats crop to harvest

NEW FOR 2023:

Now approved for use in oats

Enabling greater Plant Growth Regulator choice.

Patented mark unique to DeSangosse

Prohexadione-calcium in a unique, patented, Oil Dispersion formulation from De Sangosse

On dilution in the spray tank, the oil phase is emulsified and the solids are evenly dispersed

OD is an abbreviation for Oil Dispersion. An OD formulation is a solid active ingredient, with very low oil solubility which is very finely milled and dispersed in oil.  The oil can be paraffinic, aromatic solvents, vegetable oil or methylated seed oil. Our formulation is based on a bio-renewable vegetable oil.

Other prohexadione-calcium formulations are available as a suspension concentrates (SC)

An SC formulation of prohexadione-calcium is not optimal due to its relatively high water solubility (0.78g/L)

Small prohexadione solids can dissolve in water and redeposit on larger particles, leading to expanding crystal growth. A process known as Ostwald ripening.

This chemical instability can lead to stored product becoming faulty overtime and needing to be replaced.

In an OD, there is no water and the formulation is stable for long periods of time unlike other prohexadione-calcium formulations

The formulation is:

  • Easy to pour
  • Excellent tank mix compatibility
  • Not Classified    - low toxicity,
    & low volatility
Application Timing
Winter Wheat, Spring Wheat, Winter Barley, Spring Barley, Winter Oats, Spring Oats, Winter Spelt, Spring Spelt (including crops grown for seed) BBCH 29-39
Rye (including crops grown for seed) BBCH 31-34
Triticale (including crops grown for seed) BBCH 29-34
Dose rates
Max individual dose 1.5 L/ha
Max total dose 1.5 L/ha
Spray quality Medium (as defined by BCPC)
Active ingredient 50 g/l prohexadione-calcium
Buffer zone None
Min water volume 100 L/ha
Pack Size 5 L

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